She+Sky F/W 2016 Lookbook

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It’s that time of year! I don’t know about y’all, but this year is going by so fast for us here at She+Sky. It is already August…which means it’s time to get ready for those snuggly upcoming seasons. Many of our styles are available for pre-order and some are already in stock. Let’s take a look at some of our newest trending styles!


SHE-SKY-FW-2016 076
Top: SL2816, Bottoms: SL2817 (Left) Dress: SL2814 (Right)

Tweed styles are back for autumn. What a great way to keep a classic, well, classy!


SHE-SKY-FW-2016 067
Dress: SL2985
kim_i_sheandsky_fw_retouched (31)
Dress: SL2385 (Left) Dress: SL2338 (Right)

Boho shift dresses for fall are perfect, comfortable, and chic. Keep an eye out for styles such as off the shoulder, babydoll, casual and other fun ways to get your boho on!


SHE-SKY-FW-2016 061
Dress: SL2917 (Left) Dress: SL2930 (Right)

Speaking of boho, we cannot forget about our love for tie dye. They never seem to go out of style!


kim_i_sheandsky_fw_retouched (50)
Dress: SL1392 (Left) Dress: SL2480 (Right)

Velvet is back again, with some of the familiar 90’s trends. An excellent choice for a fashionable back to school look, if we do say so ourselves…


SHE-SKY-FW-2016 027
Dress: SL1154 (Left) Dress: SL2541 (Right)

Don’t forget metallic styles, perfect for a classy, (and sassy) night out!


kim_i_sheandsky_fw_retouched (12)
Top: SL2753

This season, pleats are better than ever. Pleats are a fun way to add some texture to a look without any busy patterns.


kim_i_sheandsky_fw_retouched (22)
Outerwear: SL1258 (Left) Bottoms: SL2388 (Left) Outerwear: SL1764 (Right)
SHE-SKY-FW-2016 071
Outerwear: SL2758
kim_i_sheandsky_fw_retouched (8)
Outerwear: SL2564

And of course, last but not least, outerwear. From lighter jackets to thick coats and faux furs, top of your favorite outfit with something stylish and comfortable.



Getting Inspired the ‘Bright’ Way



Take notice ladies! Bright colors are more versatile than you think. Whether you’re trying to be colorful all over, or just looking for a little extra pizzaz, there are many fashionable ways to achieve the perfect blend of colors. Launch yourself into fall the right way with bright colors as your statement transitional pieces.

Left: SL1947-Spaghetti strap shift dress with front stitch detail, Middle: SL2242-Long sleeve shift dress with back pleat, Right: SL2849-Sleeveless textured fit & flare dress with contrast fabric yoke

A great way to keep your favorite summer styles in your wardrobe a little longer is to mix them with fall’s traditional subdued colors to create a trendy look that makes your unique style pop. Try layering mini dresses or shift dresses over darker tights or under a knitted sweater. Styling with high boots, oversize scarves and darker outerwear can also help shift your summer looks into fall fashion statements.


Faux fur vests can also be a great accessory to a bright dress or top. It’ll keep you cozy in cooler weather while adding a little texture to your style.

kim_i_piper_ (13)

Keep an eye out for patterns as well! Sometimes adding a neutral pattern over a bright piece can bring the whole outfit together in a unique and interesting way.

Left: SL1456-Long sleeve top with back spaghetti crisscross detail, Middle: SL2112-Long sleeve surplice tie neck blouse, Right: SL2064-Roll-up sleeve V-neck top

If you’re looking to stand out even more, try pairing a bright top or dress with a contrasting and equally bright jacket. There’s no need to dull yourself down for cooler weather. Show off those colors with pride!

Can you picture these fun colors in your fall wardrobe? Tag us @Sheandsky or #sheandsky to show us your fall brights!


Velvet Trends You Need To Try this Fall


Did you miss out on the velvet trend last time around? Well don’t worry, soon we’ll be seeing a lot more of it. Velvet is anticipated to be one of the hottest trends this Fall, and honestly we couldn’t be more thrilled! There is just something about velvet that draws you in. Whether you admires it’s gorgeous metallic sheen or rich luxurious texture, once you wear velvet, you can’t help but fall in love. Today we’re going to share with you some of our favorite trends in velvet that you definitely need to try this Fall!


Left: SL2072-Cold Shoulder Velvet Shift Dress, Right: SL2480-Short Sleeve Velvet Swing Dress

Want something with the flash of sequins and the smoothness of silk? Then you need some crushed velvet in your life! Unlike traditional velvet, crushed velvet has a crinkled texture to it which emphasizes all the shadows and highlights of the fabric. This results in giving the fabric a unique glistening multi-dimensional appearance. Crushed velvet can be styled to be the main focal point of the outfit or it can also be used as an accent piece when paired with contrasting fabrics.


SL1392-Bell Sleeve Velvet Dress

The retro bell sleeve is all the rage right now and why not kick things up a notch by adding some velvet into the mix? Dress it down for any everyday boho look or dress it up for a special occasion!


Left: SL1587-Cap Sleeve V-Neck Velvet Dress, Right: SL1706-High Neck Velvet Shift Dress

Looking for that perfect dress for a holiday party or date night? Why not wear a velvet cocktail dress? Velvet will instantly glam up your look, plus the lovely sheen of the fabric will enhance the natural draping of the dress, making you look utterly unforgettable.

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of whats to come in the following seasons! Are you as excited as we are for velvet this Fall/Winter? Which velvet trend do you love?

Let us know in the comments!




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Style Talk: Interview with Fashion Blogger Lex What Wear


Happy Friday everyone! Today on Style Talk we are going to be interviewing Fashion Blogger Alex, of Lex What Wear! We absolutely adore her style and the love the way she writes about fashion. We’re going to be discussing her favorite fashion trends, what inspires her style, and how she started blogging. Plus towards the end of this post we will also be featuring some of the stunning outfits Alex has created for us using She + Sky! Now let’s get started with the interview!

How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging 4 years ago, after dreaming up a few big ideas and doing a lot of research. I had a former co-worker start a blog a few months earlier, who looked to me to start a sister blog. At this point, I had already been envisioning using an online platform for all of my creative endeavors. I accepted the offer to take on Lex What Wear as the sister blog to Lou What Wear in the fall of 2012. Lex What Wear was brought to life, incorporating several similar traits as Lou What Wear, but we knew we would create our own unique voice and vision as time went on. Lex What Wear was intended to serve the people of Lexington, KY through style spotting, local spotlight articles, DIY projects, giveaways and personal style posts. While I was able to achieve all of that, as I grew from a recent college graduate to an ambitious fashion inspired young woman, I decided to pack up and move myself and my blog to New York City. Say hello to a world of change. I grew as an individual which in turn, grew Lex What Wear even more than I could have ever imagined. I had the opportunity to work under several successful designers, attend New York Fashion week a number of times, meet and become friends with a group of like-minded fashion bloggers, travel and learn the fashion industry forwards and backwards. It was a game changer in my life, and to this day, allowing Lex What Wear to stay alive during all of this transformation was one of the best choices I have made. It showed the vulnerable side of a brand new beginning and it opened the door to so many new opportunities. It took a back seat for a while, and it ran with full force some of the time. I liked it and then I hated it, but now I love it. It was such an open book for all of the world (or for whoever was reading) to examine, critique, listen and learn from my experiences. It was bananas! Now I’m residing in Nashville, TN and Lex What Wear loves being back in the south. It feels like home, but this city has so much potential and growth, the vibe is strong and inspiring. I’ve had more time to focus on developing my social accounts and learning to change with technology has been fun yet tiring. I have no doubt that I will continue blogging, serving the audience I still have in Lexington and now have in New York City and Nashville, for a long time. As I see it, blogging is very much apart of who I am.

What is the primary focus of your blog?

I blog for personal pleasure as I absolutely love watching my thoughts and ideas come to life in some form or fashion. But I also love the impact it can have. Lex What Wear focuses on personal style, current trends, shopping guides, beauty tips & reviews, and lifestyle hacks. One day I can blog about a new dress I got for the summer and the next I could blog about how to save on your wedding dress. The spectrum is large, but because the market is so oversaturated with bloggers of all kinds, you have to find a way to best reach your audience. I’ve found that presenting a number of topics to my readers, allows them to relate to something. Relating to someone online can be hard but it’s easier when you focus on what matters and who is listening.

What are some of your favorite fashion trends at the moment?

Currently I am a huge fan of frayed denim shorts (duh), any top that has an exaggerated sleeve or bell sleeve, lace up flats or wedges, off the shoulder tops and dresses, gladiator sandals, and fun / kitchy handbags. These things make me smile that’s how much I love them. If I could wear frayed denim shorts every day, I’d obviously do it!

What is your staple clothing item?

Right now my staple item is a jumpsuit or romper. I won’t lie, i’ve been in one every weekend of this summer so far. Which isn’t very long yet, but I love styling this denim romper I have, like a million different ways. Your options are endless and it never looks like you have on that “same ol’ romper” ever! For work, I can’t live without my lace up flats. I literally live in them during the week.

Fashion can often be influenced by the environment we live in. Describe how it looks where you live and the type of weather you experience there. Do you think this impacts your style? How?

I don’t care where you live, weather impacts style 100 percent. When I experienced my first New York winter and my first  New York summer it was like a whole new, very strange world of clothing. In the winter I could be seen looking like a grey Mischelin man walking down the street just so my face didn’t freeze off and in the summer i’d rock a top knot and an easy dress almost daily because of the scorching heat and muggy subway stations. The weather there changed my style enormously. Here in Nashville, it’s pretty hot and cold, literally and figuratively. Now that I get everywhere by car again, it’s a little bit easier to dress for the weather and still look cute. The one thing I love about Nashville style is how undone and very bohemian / rustic it is. Not everywhere you go do you see cowboy boots and a giant hat. The style here is evolving with the growth of the city. I love seeing what both guys and gals have on when we are out on the town here. It’s totally different than anything I expected for Nashville.


Now it’s time to take a look at some fashion! These are all looks Alex has created for us incorporating She + Sky items! (If you’d like to know more about a look just click on the picture and it will take you right to Alex’s blog post on the look.)


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.52.06 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.11.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.12.07 AM
Read about this look HERE.


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.55.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.54.05 PM.png
Read how Alex styled our black fringe dress HERE.   (YL19638)



Read about this look HERE.   (SL1185)


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A huge thank you to Alex from Lex What Wear, letting us feature her today. We enjoyed getting to know a little more about her and we hope you did as well.

Make sure you go head on over to Alex’s blog & social media to go see what other fabulous outfits she has created.